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Character Info/Siren's Pull Application

Player Information

Name: Moosey
Age: 20
AIM SN: MooseChangerPat
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes
Bonus: How did you hear about Siren's Pull?  I used to play in Siren's Pull, and before that a friend in Siren's Pull told me about it.

Character Information

Canon Source: One Piece
Canon Format: Manga
Character's Name: Brooke
Character's Age: 89

What form will your character's NV take? Well I was hoping to have his be a laptop computer.


Character's Canon Abilities: Brooke is a skeleton, and as such is rather resistant to most things that would kill a human being. He became a skeleton by eating the yomi yomi no mi devil fruit, or the resurrection devil fruit. As such he cannot swim (although most skeletons can't swim anyway) but due to his light weight is able to run on water. Brooke being a skeleton and so light weight makes him much speedier, able to jump higher, and despite not having muscle tissue is quite strong and can grow stronger over time. Despite being a skeleton Brooke still does need to eat, sleep, drink, breathe, poop, and the many normal things a regular human being does. Brooke is also capable of restoring himself by drinking milk because with just bones for a body, calcium does wonders for it. Brooke is a musician who is capable of playing any instrument under the sun and is also able to write songs. He is quite skilled, and has been known to even use his violin in battle to put his foes to sleep. As a bard Brooke knows quite a bit of lore and many songs, and he has a mix of great intelligence and yet not often using it. Lastly Brooke is also an incredibly skilled swordsman specializing in very speedy attacks, his attacks being even speedier with his super light weight body.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? While Brooke's abilities as a skeleton are quite remarkable I'm not sure if they entirely qualify as a super power. The last time he was in Siren's Port he was steadily becoming more resilient to damage, and had even lost his head in a fight against Kenpachi and survived, putting it back on his head.  I'm hoping to increase his regeneration powers over a long period of time, making it so that when he drinks milk it completely restores his health mending even bones that have been shattered.

Weapons: Brooke uses a cane that has a sword inside of it known as a Shikomizue. He also uses his sword with his violin for his attack called Nemuriuta Flanc which puts his foes to sleep.


Character History: Little is known about Brooke's life before he became a pirate, but he was leader of an attack squad in some kingdom or other. It was in this kingdom where Brooke had learned many of his fencing moves which were later renamed by his crew mates.

Brooke was part of Captain York's crew, the rumba pirates who were an entire crew of musicians in the ocean the west blue. (some translations say Rumbar, or Brook, I prefer the Rumba translation) One day the crew came across a baby whale who was crying and appeared to be separated from it's pod, so Brook suggested to cheer it up the crew should sing a song for it, so they did. This song was Captain York's favorite pirate shanty Bink's Sake. This did in fact cheer up the whale, and the next few days they discovered that the little baby whale was still following them. The Rumba pirates thought the little baby whale was simply too cute to turn away, so they named him Laboon and went on adventuring together with Laboon at their side. Finding buried treasure, fighting other ships where Laboon saved some of the men who fell in, protecting Laboon from sea monsters, and of course playing their favorite song, and Laboon's too. Brook was obviously closest of the crew with Laboon though and he'd often talk to Laboon on starry nights.

But like all good things, it could not last forever. One day the Rumba Pirates were reaching their destination, the Grand Line, and they knew that as a baby whale it might be far too dangerous for Laboon. Many of the crew members tried to tell the young whale he had to go but failed to dissuade Laboon. So since they figured Brook was closest to Laboon he should try to explain it to Laboon for Laboon's own safety to not follow them, but similarly failed. Without any other options before them the crew blatantly tried to ignore and shun Laboon, making sure to play no more music, or say anything to him until he left. This seemed to work because as they were going towards the entrance of the Grand Line, Laboon was nowhere to be seen. So it was that with heavy hearts they went on to the Grand Line, one of the most dangerous and grandest oceans in the world.

However when the Brooke and the rest of the Rumba Pirates entered the Grand Line, they were asked if the little whale behind their ship was their pet by the light house keeper Crocus. They were shocked to find that Laboon had still continued following them and had followed them into the Grand Line through the Reverse Mountain. They were overjoyed to see him again despite their attempts to drive him away. Since their ship had some repairs to be made anyway, Brooke and the rest of the crew decided to sing Bink's Sake with Laboon while their ship was being fixed, Rejoicing at being reunited with him. After three months of patching up their ship and singing with Laboon, Brooke and the rest of the Rumba Pirates decided to leave Laboon in Crocus' care. They promised Laboon then that they would come back for the whale after going around the world. By then Laboon would be quite large and so they also promised that then they would take Laboon with them on their adventures.

The Rumba pirates made their way through the grand line and had many adventures together, and captain York even got a bounty from the world government. However, as occasionally happens on the Grand Line, a large portion of the crew including captain York became inflicted with a terrible disease that was incurable. So captain york asked Brooke to take the half of the crew that had not been infected and continue on without him. He would attempt to make it out of the Grand Line with the infected crew through the monster infested calm belt. Through tears he asked Brooke to give his regards to Laboon for him. So it was that Brooke took over as captain of the Rumba pirates and made his way with the uninfected half of the crew through the rest of the Grand Line.

Brooke too got a bounty of his own on their adventures, but alas, tragedy struck the Rumba pirates when they made their way to the Florian triangle. They were attacked by a group of pirates, whom they barely survived the battle against. The tragedy was that the pirates they defeated coated their weapons in poison and their doctor had fallen during the fight and so they all knew they were going to die soon. Their only regret was they couldn't keep their promise to Laboon, but it occurred to Brooke that with his Devil Fruit powers he might be able to come back from the grave. So together with his loyal crew of musicians they sang Bink's Sake together one last time and recorded it so that Brooke could go and deliver it to Laboon and keep their promise. As they sang the member of his crew died one by one until finally Brooke was playing his solo on the piano and then died himself.

Brooke's soul then came back down to earth due to the powers of his devil fruit and he searched for his body in the deep fog of the Florian triangle to no avail for an entire year. At long last he finally had found his body but by the time he had he was nothing but bones and his afro. With little other options before him, he went back to his body and came back to life as a skeleton. Brooke attempted to sail his crew's ship but it was far too large to sail alone and even if he could, the rudder of the ship had broken in the fight. He gathered up the bodies of his companions kept them below deck in memorial. So it was that Brooke spent the next 40 years sailing alone on a ship to nowhere, haunted by dreams of his friends only to wake up again into his seemingly endless loneliness.

As the years passed Brooke seemed to lose much of his sanity from even the sheer boredom of being alone on a vessel to nowhere, and he became very, VERY hungry. Often he would sing or do some other things to entertain himself and he drank quite a lot of tea to try to staunch his hunger. One day he found a barrel floating in the sea that hat a label on it that said it was a helping of treasure as an offering to the sea god. Usually such barrels contained food and sake and for a man who hadn't eaten in half a century it was too good to pass up. He pulled the barrel out of the sea and opened it only to find out that it fired off a red firecracker into the air signaling where he was located. Without a rudder or any other means of escape he simply waited as whatever had set this trap found his way towards him. So it was that he discovered the mystery island of Thriller Bark, an island of ghosts and zombies that terrified Brooke to his very core.

Much of the events that transpired are a mystery but Brooke had been captured by the ruler of the island Geko Moria and had his shadow stolen from him. With these shadows Geko Moria was able to animate the zombies on his island who used the powers of their corpses and those the shadows were stolen from. The victims who had, had their shadows stolen could not go into sunlight without dissolving into nothing, so Brooke stayed on the island to search for a way to get his shadow back. Unfortunately the zombies seemed invincible and Brooke was incapable of killing them no matter how many time he cut them and it truly terrified him.

He eventually discovered one day that the zombies had a weakness making it possible to destroy them. One of the zombies had eaten salted fish and therefore died again, so Brooke found some fish and threatened Dr. Hogback who was one of Moria's henchmen. He would use this fish on all the zombies of the island if he didn't tell him where to find his shadow. Hogback was not really all that impressed by the fish and laughed when Brooke thought that fish was the zombie's weakness. Brooke then said in shock, “You mean the Zombie's weakness is really salt?!” to which Dr. Hogback laughed very weakly to clearly show that Brooke was correct. Brooke would have to fight the zombies which would terrify him so the only way he was capable of doing so was to hum to himself and attack very quickly so he didn't have to see too much of them, but this time, he had the salt. This in turn made the zombies terrified of him because whenever they heard the humming on the island they knew the humming swordsman was upon them and quick doom awaited them since he was capable of killing them for good.

After fighting countless of Geko Moria's zombies he finally came across the one that contained his shadow. This zombie however was more than a match for Brooke however with the combined power of Brooke's shadow and the warrior Ryuuma whom the Zombie was in life, Brooke faced a bitter defeat. Brooke kept trying despite a deep gash in his skull and several bones chipping off, but Ryuuma was relentless. He was going to cut off Brooke's afro but Brooke pleaded with him not to because Brooke feared without it Laboon would truly not be able to recognize him, and so his Afro was the most important thing to Brooke. Ryuuma let Brooke escape but he warned Brooke never to return or he would destroy him. Brooke had spent 5 or so years on the island of Thriller Bark and so he returned to his ship to spend another 5 years alone and a failure before he would meet up with the Straw Hat pirates.

Luffy of the Straw Hat Pirates requested that Brooke join his crew which Brooke having been alone for half a century immediately accepted being glad to have the chance to be with people who weren't hostile towards him. Brooke did remember though that he still was missing his shadow due to Geko Moria and politely turned down Luffy after remembering. Brooke then discovered that Luffy and his crew had fallen for the same trap that he himself had and that they had once again found their way to Thriller Bark. Brooke ran off onto the island to once more to search for his Shadow. Luffy's crew was in trouble trying to battle with Geko Moria's army of zombies and so Brooke decided since the crew was in too deep that he would in fact help them. He had hoped that they would be able to escape his fate before it was too late, but failing that they would all have to fight for their freedom. Brooke destroyed the giant spider zombie that Nico Robin and Franky of the Straw Hats seemed to be having so much trouble with in one blow.

Brooke once more did battle with his shadow counterpart having not wasted his 5 years since he was away and had been training so that he would be able to defeat Ryuuma this time around. He fought very well and came close at some points, holding his own this time but in the end suffered another defeat against Ryuuma. As Ryuuma was going to slice off Brooke's Afro ruining all Brooke's hopes of fulfilling his promise to Laboon, Zoro, Luffy's first mate swordsmen, intervened. Zoro fought Ryuuma who easily used three times as much power against Zoro than against Brooke. Ryuuma was clearly holding back since if he had slain Brooke it would be trouble for him too, yet somehow Zoro was still a match for the might of Ryuuma. After an incredibly intense battle Zoro defeated Ryuuma, taking Ryuuma's sword and returning Brooke's shadow to him.

After hours of fighting Brooke helped the Straw Hat pirates defeat Geko Moria and return the shadows to all the Straw Hat members who lost them. They then held a great party where Brooke played the piano for them and then later on played Bink's Sake. He then removed the tone dial from his skull and played for them the last song he and the Rumba pirates played together, and once more he accepted Luffy's offer to join their crew.

After burying his old crew on Thriller Bark and holding a short memorial, Brooke and the Straw Hat Pirates made their way to fishman island which was their next stop on the grand line. Having no means of going that far under water with their ship at the time, the Straw Hat's could do nothing but find an alternative route. That's when they met the mermaid Cammie who had been eaten by a giant sea monster recently. Cammie explained that in order to get to fishman island they would need to go to Shabondy archipelago and get their ship coated with a special resin there.

Cammie's friend Hotchie had been kidnapped by slavers, so the valiant Straw Hat pirates made their way to the slavers lair to beat up the slavers and rescue Hatchie. It turns out that this octopus merman was in fact an old enemy from the past but had reformed and was much friendlier without his old boss Arlong. After a battle (in which Brooke also got to show some of his signature moves and moves they hadn't seen before), after even befriending the misguided slavers, they made their way to Shabondy archipelago.

Unfortunately after going to the carnival, Cammie was kidnapped by another group of slavers and was going to be sold at an auction house. One of the Tenriobuto, the “decendants of dragons”, bid higher on Cammie than anyone there possibly could just so that he could have fun torturing her. The Teriobuto are renowned for being high and mighty and they are the highest ranking royalty of the world government. Luffy was so outraged by this that he punched the Tenriobuto, knocking him down and setting into motion the toughest fight the Straw Hats would ever find themselves in. They successfully freed Cammie but earned the island the wrath of the marines, and a large contingent led by Admiral Kizaru came to destroy them.

After they escaped the auction house and talked with Roger's first mate for a while, they found themselves face to face with the shichibukai Kuma the bear. Using their full strength and power, completely exhausting themselves, they managed to defeat this weaponized cyborg only to find out that this was not Kuma but a copy made by the world government as a secret weapon. Soon they came across yet another copy and a strange and powerful agent of the World Government. Having little other choice the Straw Hat pirates ran for it only to find that their foes were easily keeping up with them and that they'd run across Admiral Kizaru himself. Raileigh Slivers came and stopped Kizaru from destroying them and fought him in the hopes that the Straw Hat's could make a break for it.

That's when Kuma himself appeared and asked Zoro, “Where would you like to go?” and with a touch of the paw print on his hands, Zoro disappeared. As Kuma was about to go for Usopp and Sanji Brooke leapt in front of them shouting, “I will protect you with my life! Althout I'm already...” And he was cut off as Kuma flung Brooke off through the air at speeds that made it so it was untraceable. Brooke was left to ponder where he was going, and if the others would be alright.

After days of shooting through the air, Brooke finally crash landed in the middle of a ring of cultists where they were trying to summon Satan to aid them against bandits.  Seeing Brooke's skeletal features they assumed they had succeeded in summoning the devil, and they offered their souls up to Brooke in exchange for aid.  Brooke was not really interested in owning their souls even if such a thing were possible, and told them he had to return, but as he was leaving he saw a cute young female cultist and asked her if he could see her panties.  The cultists immediately said "You heard Satan!  He wants panties, we need to show him panties!"  Unfortunately the young lady who Brooke had been speaking to about seeing her panties was kidnapped by the very bandits the cultists wanted aid against, right in the middle of Brooke still asking.  Brooke decided he did indeed need to help these cultists and so went to work writing a song to their dismay.  They had been hoping that Satan would fight the bandits for them, but Brooke knew that if he did that, they would still have problems with the next group of bandits that came along afterwards.  The cultists kept trying to show him their underwear while he worked, but there were only male ones around, and after a few stunned moments Brooke told them he didn't want to see men's underwear.

Brooke finally finished his piece of music and the music was designed in such a way that it inspired the cultists, and gave them great strength and will to carry on, and so the cultists fought the bandits themselves.  The cultists knew that they could handle the mountain bandits now, and knew that they didn't need Satan to save them anymore and they managed to free the kidnapped victims from the bandits.  Unfortunately the bandits managed to escape, and rather than kidnap the girl, they decided to kidnap Brooke instead, because a walking, talking, moving skeleton was bound to be worth loads more.  The cultists knew exactly what they must do, and they went back to their summoning circle to bring Satan back to them, much to Brooke's dismay since that wasn't how he had actually ended up there.

The bandits had put Brooke in a giant cage and were bringing him around like a circus freakshow, and Brooke couldn't really do much about it, but he did occasionally ask for the newspaper in the hopes he might hear some news about his Captain.  Finally on one fateful day he found a hidden message from Luffy in the head-lines, telling him that they needed to take two years to become stronger before they could continue their journey.  Brooke remembered how easily they had been tossed around by the world governments pacifistas, and he was inclined to agree.  So his first course of action was to improve his party technique of bending in a 45 degree angle, to a 40 degree angle!  When he crashed to the ground he thought to himself 'Maybe, I can become stronger somehow through this to help Luffy!  Then again... maybe not.' and instead decided on a different approach.  Thus did Brooke take up the guitar and much to the surprise of the freak-show audience, he began to sing his new song, Bone to be Wild.  Brooke was on the road to becoming a Rock-star, and a rock-star he was determined to be.

Point in Canon: Chapter 596

Character Personality: Brooke calls himself the gentleman skeleton who tries to be polite and courteous, and yet fails miserably at it. He's almost always seen wearing a suite and drinking tea (even at very strange moments with the tea) lending to his 'gentlemanly' appearance. When we first meet Brooke, Luffy, Nami, and Sanji encounter him on his ship. Brooke says to Nami that he is simply astounded by her beauty, and if he might please see her panties, this of course earning him a kick to the head. His laugh is a cheery Yohohoho! And he's almost ALWAYS cracking jokes about how he's already dead such as, “You sure are a beauty to my eyes, although as a skeleton I don't have any eyes, Yohohoho!” Brooke is a bit of a pervert as is evidenced by the fact that whenever he sees a girl he asks if he can see her panties. Except in the case of mermaids who don't wear panties... he just asks them if he can borrow some money. In fact Brooke even had a nosebleed at the thought of the fact that Mermaids don't wear panties, despite the fact that he doesn't have blood, and that would mean that a mermaid has... a tail. To his credit, he does actually ask instead of looking without permission, but after 50 years of no contact with really any human beings, his social skills were shot to hell.

As a bard he likes to try to lighten the mood and act as comic relief at times with all his jokes and his skeletal smile. Brooke also is quite the ironic fellow contradicting himself on many things, such as saying he believes a man should have patience and be polite while waiting for dinner. He would then shout out two seconds later “Come on! Hurry up with dinner I'm staaaaaarrrving!!” Brooke is ironically terrified of undead like zombies, ghosts, and even skeletons, even though he is one now. And to further his impoliteness he will often fart in public quite loudly, but he would always say “Excuse me” afterwords. He's fiercely loyal to his crew and his friends and would easily die to protect them if that's what it took. (Although he's already dead, Yohohoho!) As part of the rumba pirates their motto was that they could make even a crying child laugh and smile, and so Brooke lives that motto to the fullest. He's happiest when he's trying to make others happy, and will try his hardest to make people smile.

Character Plans: Brooke has been in Siren's Port before, and will likely return to his musical store that is no longer a musical store.  He will likely be overjoyed to see everyone again, and try to find out the many different changes that have occurred since he was gone.  As for a job, Brooke's musical store is now more of a cafe then anything else, but they still have the grand piano inside the store, and he will likely make himself the piano player there, perhaps leaving Nami to run the store since he will likely be impressed with the job she managed to do with it.  Otherwise he also intends to write more songs, ask to see the panties of every girl in Siren's Pull and perhaps even attempt to serenade a young lady or two that are reluctant to show him their panties.  He's a bit of a free spirit so it's hard to say where the winds will take him.


Writing Samples

First Person Sample:
To those of you who don't know me, my name is Brooke, and if you are a young lady, might I have a word with you about something rather personal?  For those of you who do know me, I'M BAAAAACK!!!  YOHOHOHOHO!!!  You never think you'll miss an apocalyptic nightmare like Siren's Port, but it's sure nice to see some familiar faces again with my own eyes.  But wait I don't have any eyes!  Yohohoho!  That never get's old.  To commemorate this joyous occasion of my return, I have written a brand new song!  (I'll put my song in once I've been accepted)

Third Person Sample:
Brooke landed with a loud crash making a giant paw shaped crater into the ground and as he stumbled to get up out of it he said “Where... am I? I must return to the others... but I don't know where they are...” Brooke checked himself to see if everything was still intact. Amazingly almost everything was, apart from a portion of his prized tea set collection he had kept in his pocket. Almost all of that had been shattered on impact, and Brooke winced as he took the pieces out off his slightly torn coat pocket. His cane sword still seemed to be with him so that was one good thing, but one of his bones had also seemed to have cracked slightly. So Brooke knew his first priority was to find himself some milk. He looked up at the night sky which was cloudy and menacing and sighed. “Although, I don't really have any lungs to be sighing with! Yohohoho!”

That's when out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw something move... something that looked almost human but not quite. “H-hello? Is anybody out there?” Brooke asked the empty street he was on feeling a little afraid of whatever it was he might have seen. When he turned around that's when he saw a hideous 3 eyed 4 legged monster that almost resembled something human. Given Brooke's experience with zombies he could only assume it was one thing, a zombie. “AAAAAAAAAIIII!!!!” Brooke screamed at the creature leaping back and pointing at it. The creature also leaped back and screamed in what might have been terror, but was most likely rage or something more sinister. It did however scream and point back at Brooke. “AAAAAIIII!!!” the bard and the abomination screamed at each other before both of them ran away in the opposite direction.

“Bink's Sake, off I go to deliver it~” Brooke started to sing to himself alleviating his terror, feeling like he had once again found himself on an island of true horrors. Brooke found what appeared to be an abandoned house and ran inside it as fast as he could, which was pretty fast since he didn't have much of a body weighing him down. Brooke panted for breath as he said aloud, “I don't know who was more terrified, me at the sight of a zombie? Or the zombie at the sight of a skeleton? Yohohoho...” Brooke then looked to his right and found that he had stumbled not into a safe abandoned house but a lair of more of the beasts. Brooke laughed softly and said, “Yohohoho... umm sorry gents, wrong door.” And with a tip of his hat he bolted outside as fast as possible with the monsters not far behind him.

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